Pierre Bruneau Français


« The phosphorescence phenomenon which characterizes Pierre Bruneau’s work exerts unfailing fascination. With high-skilled precision, the technique elaborated by the artist is nothing less than stunning. In true alchemist, he transforms matter into light and orchestrates metamorphoses».

Pierre Bruneau’s most recent production explores some of the complex and mysterious aspects of human nature, that which is concealed deep within each individual, inspired by this invisible part that each holds inside. Hence, the notions of intimacy, desire, fantasy and interdict become central to the reflection. Ultimately, it all comes down to modesty.

Underneath the skin-colored pigment of the delicate surfaces reside evocative portraits, indiscernible to light. For the most part, the images are excerpt from pornographic internet sites. These are intentionally crop so to leave out the obvious and only keep the essence. Polysemous, these figures evoke pleasure, ecstasy, suffering or pain, all at the same time, depending on the viewer’s interpretation.